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Child Care Resource & Referral

This program, administered through Children's Services Network/McDowell Technical Community College, employs a
full-time Referral Specialist who maintains a database of supply and demand for child care as well as providing referrals for parents seeking child care.  A full-time Early Childhood Specialist coordinates early childhood training events at the Early Childhood Resource Center (ECRC) and provides technical assistance to family child care providers, both prospective and those currently in business.  The ECRC, staffed by a part-time Early Childhood Specialist, provides a lending library of early childhood equipment, materials, and a workspace for teachers to create lesson plans, games and activities for young children. 

Quality Support Bonus

This project, administered through Children's Services Network/ McDowell Technical Community College, makes available monthly facility bonuses to licensed early childhood programs.  The bonus is based upon accrued quality points determined by the number of licensed points earned in Program and Education Standards determined by the North Carolina Division of Child Development  during the state child care licensing process.  Qualifying programs providing infant/toddler/two care receive additional funding to support the continued efforts to provide this level of care to families.  Payments are provided quarterly to licensed programs that have demonstrated a commitment to quality care identified by teacher/education and program standards.  An application process occurs once per year and programs must be in business the entire year or payment is terminated. 

Family Resource Programs: Part-Day Preschool

This program, administered through McDowell County Schools, has locations in North Cove and Glenwood. The centers provide learning opportunities for children and build on the family's capacity to help their children enter school "healthy and ready to learn."  North Cove center staff offer preschool programs for 3- and 4-year-old children with two groups five days a week. The Glenwood center serves 2-, 3-, and 4-year-olds in one four hour program three days each week and a second half-day program two days a week.  Preschool programs operate on a part-day basis for 10 months and continue with a limited two-week summer program.

Subsidy Activities:

Wait List Prevention

Administered by the McDowell County Department of Social Services, this activity was initiated to increase the number of qualifying families who are able to receive childcare subsidy and designed to reduce the number of families paying excessive percentages of income for childcare.

Quality Bonus Program

Administered by the Department of Social Services, this program makes available monthly bonuses to subsidized early childhood programs that have demonstrated a commitment to quality care by ensuring higher teacher education and licensure requirements.